Sur Travel Guide

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a view to ship yard

a view to ship yard

Sur is on the edge of the world. A seaside town 350kms approximatley from the capital Muscat.  Before you arrive in Sur driving from Muscat be sure to go to the incredible Wadi Bani Khalid. You will need a good four wheel drive, a bathing suit, and a solid packed lunch to make a day of it.

Follow the road signs, and be alert to traffic and smaller route signs.  Sur is an old port town, with a few old forts, Al Alijah, ... and well, I will leave the historic information to someone with the facts at their finger tips. Once in Sur, go to the market for arabic food, or a curry and juice. At night catch a film on the seaside screen, playing DVDs projected on a large white wooden manmade screen.

There are a two hotels to choose from but I recommend camping. It is completely safe, and your only worries will be a fresh water shower. Bring a portable solar shower. A large plastic container you can hang from a tree. Don`t worry it will heat up all on its own. You will have a harder time keeping things cool.  Eat veggie for the trip if you are camping  much easier.

Sur is well located with the Wadis and Turtle Beach (RusAlHhad) being so nearby. 

A great day trip is to the nearby Wadis, drive towards Wadi Tiwi, and ask directions before you get on the unpaved roads.  Camp down by White Sands beach, and swim in the smaller nearby Wadis.  Again, bring food and lots of liquids.  

Back track and head to Ras-Al-Hhad, see endangered green back sea turtles laying eggs.  Please respect the environment and all species.  Tread lightly.

In Sur, they still make the dhows by hand. These are wooden boats that have been used for centuries. From the downtown beach area, the dhow yard is down the beach as it archs to the right. The locals will point you in the right direction. See them create  big boats out of huge teak logs, cut and fitted by hand.

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