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This Sohar Practical Information guide tells you all you need to know about this city. Sohar happens to be the most developed city in Oman. In the olden times, Sohar was a fishing town. Only in recent times has it developed to such an extent that it is now a huge industrial hub in Oman. Here are some important facts to remember when visiting the city of Sohar.

Population, Currency and Language

The population in Sohar as per the 2003 census is 1,04,312. The currency used in Sohar is the Oman Rial (OMR), while the main language spoken in Sohar is Arabic. English is also spoken to some extent.

Getting Around

Traveling in Sohar is never a problem. There are well-connected bus routes and buses that travel on time and which are very economical to use daily. An alternative form of transport in Sohar is its many taxis, which can get a bit on the expensive side, unless you share a cab with someone.


Finding a place to stay is never a problem in Sohar, Oman's most developed city. This is because the city caters to the large number of businessmen, expats and tourists who visit this city throughout the year. You will be able to find a good number of five-star hotels, mid-range hotels and resorts as well as guesthouses, according to your budget.


Being such a developed city, Sohar is quite a safe place to visit and live in. Also, the police forces are very alert and always on the job. When driving, one should be careful of walking camels, as such a collision most often results in death for both the driver and the camel. One should also carry a good amount of drinking water as the climate in Sohar is warm throughout the year. It is also a good idea to stay away from discussing taboo topics like homosexuality.

Things to Do

You will find many things to do in the Omani city of Sohar. You can visit Sohar's parks, one of which is located at Al Humbar, while another called the Silver Jubilee Park is situated in Sallan. Then, you can spoil yourself for choice with Sohar's shopping zones. Sohar's old-style souk market which lies in the central part of the city is a good place to visit. Recently-opened shopping malls such as Lulu, Safeer Hypermarket and Centerpoint are also good places to head for a day of shopping. Catch up on a movie at Sohar's Plaza Cinema, or head straight for the Sohar Regional Sports Complex if you are a fan of sports.

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