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Sohar. Well, it is in a great location.  It is very green, lush tropical Omani fruit farms, Dairy farms, ...  One side there is the sea the other the desert.  2 hours from busy mad mad Dubai, 90 minutes from Al Ain. A few hours from Musandam. And two hours from MUSCAT. The capitol of Oman.

It is a boomtown as of writing this ( anuary 2006). Within the past year foriegn companies have innudated this small town with expats who are here to work at building factories and the newest PORT.   With this comes the effect of capitalism. Rents have gone out of control, and are higher than the CAPITAL !!!  Shops, still, not much. A SAFEER centre. A LuLus...and the typical assortment of Indian and Arabic eatries. A KFC and a PIZZA HUT, Filipino Food.    Few hotels, none of them are really 5 star although ONE claims to be it definitely IS NOT.  Annoying cause the rates do not match the quality.

The great old Portuguese built fort is a must see.  The souq is decent for an Omani 'town'.  You can get basically anything you need here.  A really excellent FISH market on the sea where the fishermen bring them in fresh daily.  You bargin and take your catch home by its tail !

A few Universities, which make it a centre for studying for area locals and not -so -locals who commute from nearby mountain towns. A new language school, for the working adults to study at night and upgrade their English to be better prepared for jobs at the PORT.  A french language institute, parlez vous francais?


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