Salalah Travel Guide

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Here is a Salalah travel guide for tourists who are planning to visit this southern Omani province.

Located close to the Arabian Sea, Salalah is an ideal destination for both, leisure and adventurous holidays. Wonderful outdoor pursuits, excellent beaches, coconut palms and banana and papaya plantations make up the most of this city. A long 12 hour drive or short flight from the capital will get tourists to this city in Oman. Salalah is famous for its rich history, archeological remains and numerous frankincense trees. Salalah’s unspoiled nature has made it a wonderful place for outdoor lovers.

Despite its location, Salalah enjoys a tropical climate where temperatures rarely rise to more than 30 degrees. In fact, many Arabs visit Salalah to get away from the heat of the other Gulf states. The city is especially beautiful during the monsoon season when the surrounding areas turn lush green. The climate is ideal for supporting wildlife that is better associated with East Africa like hyenas and leopards. Even the plants found in Salalah are associated with those from Africa like Baobab trees.

Staying in Salalah

Tourists in Salalah will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous hotels that offer ideal accommodation to suit different budgets and requirements. Rates for rooms range from about $50 to approximately $160 or more depending on the kind of hotel you choose. This makes it a wonderful destination for all kinds of tourists. Even traveling around the city is fairly easy and can be done by hiring taxis or simply walking about. However, tourists may need to hire vehicles for exploring sites outside the city.

Attractions in Salalah

Salalah boasts of many tourist places like the picturesque village of Taqa and Wadi Dirbat, the hanging valley that can be found on the Jebel Samhan plateau. Tourists should also visit the lost desert city of Ubar, which is to the north of Salalah. Nature lovers should check out the Baobab Forest, which has a tree that is more than 2000 years old. Salalah also offers tourists a number of activities that can make holidays more enjoyable. Sitting by one of Salalah’s beautiful beaches is a wonderful idea for those who want to relax on their holiday. However, tourists looking for something more exciting can opt for scuba diving, fishing, sailing, kayaking or canoeing.

There are many restaurants within the city that offer Arabic, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines. You can easily find a hotel to suit your budget and taste. There are also a number of cafes around the city. It is also important to know that only high end hotels serve alcohol. Tourists traveling outside the city should carry sunblock, bottled water and packet food as there are very few restaurants outside Salalah.


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