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The Musandam Peninsula has a rugged coastline and is located between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The peninsula has a total area of 1800 square miles. The primary economic activity of the Musandam Peninsula is fishing which is supported through government jobs as well as used through private trading. Very lightly populated, the Musandam Peninsula is a prime tourist location, offering day cruises to view the scenic landscape as well as the sea life. Once a difficult area to connect to, whether for personal or business purposes, the building of the world’s fastest passenger ferry in 2008 has provided a quick and direct route between Muscat and Musandam.


The Musandam Peninsula is populated by nearly 29,000 locals and this number consists of a gender ratio of approximately 1.31 males to every females.


The currency used in Oman is the Omani Rial or OMR. The exchange rate of 1 OMR is equal to approximately $2.59 US dollars.


The primary language spoken on the Musandam Peninsula is Kumzari which is one of the south-western Iranian languages, a sub-branch of the Persian language. Another language spoken throughout the Musandam Peninsula is Arabic which is spoken all over Oman, as well. English is spoken at tourist locations and hotels and resorts so there is no need to worry about a huge language barrier when vacationing.

Visa Information

Though there is no true border separating the Musandam Peninsula from the rest of Oman, it is still better to be on the safe side and obtain a Omani visa when traveling to this region. The majority of tourists can obtain their visas upon arrival in the country. Visitors to the Musandam Peninsula from neighboring countries need to obtain their visas prior to traveling to the country.

General Health and Safety

Being such a lightly populated area, the crime rates in the Musandam Peninsula are low. There are no specific vaccinations required to have taken prior to traveling to Oman. As when traveling anywhere, it is best to be cautious and only take the bare minimum with you when leaving your hotel. The biggest safety issue in this region is the natural sand storms that blow up during the summer, something to consider when planning the time of year for your vacation.
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