Zabbougha Travel Guide

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Zabbougha Lebanese Villages in mount of lebanon

Zabbougha Lebanese Villages in mount of lebanon


Zabbougha is in the Lebanese mountains, it is a nice lebanese villages approximately 51 km from Beirut. The current approximate population is 300. There are about 60 houses. The altitude is 950 meters. There are many roads to reach Zabbougha: You can travel through Bikfaiya, Bteghrine, and Kfar Aaqab. There is a steep and winding road that reaches the village from the backside and cuts up through the mountain, from either: Bikfaiya, Himlaya, Bou Mizen then to Zabbougha - Lebanon. Or through highway Balloune, Daraya, then to Zabbougha. And one last road from Kafarzibyan, Bkaatouta, Kfirtay, Wade El Karem, finally to Zabbougha.

Zabbougha is located to the northwest of Kfar 'Aaqab, at the foot of Mt. Sannine, in the governmental district of Baskinta (which is under the jurisdiction of the El Matan region of Lebanon).

In 1907, its Maronite inhabitants numbered 228, while the Catholics (these were from the children of Min'em Ma'loof) numbered 26. In 1907, Zabbougha with its two factories for the unwinding of silk, produced 2,500 okes of silkworm cocoons; one of the mentioned factories (in the area of Al' Aqaba) had 40 wheels, and belonged to Lutfallah Yoosef Al Haj. The second one (in the area of Al Muraatiseen, on a hill above the village, to the west of Kfer 'Uqaab) had 38 wheels, and belonged to Rufaeel Al Haj. The factories no longer exist.

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