Jounieh Travel Guide

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Think of a Lebanese Monte Sereno and you are close. Jounieh is the place where Beiruti's go to have a little fun. There are of course many Casino's but every other form of nightlife is available as well.

Jounieh’s setting is one of the most beautiful along the Lebanese coast.

For the best view of the crescent-shaped bay take the steep cable car up to Harissa. At the other end of the cable car line you transfer to an incline car which takes you up to the lookout point surrounding the shiny white statue of the Virgin of Lebanon. If you want to go still higher you can climb the ramp around the statue’s base—the closer you come to her lowered outstretched hands the narrower the ramp becomes…and the pushier the people get. The view is spectacular though and the virgin seen from close up has a sweet sad charm all her own.

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