Cedars of Lebanon Travel Guide

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Today a cedar tree graces Lebanon’s flag but few of the fabled trees remain. If you want to see them it will require some effort on your part. The best place to get a look at the famous trees is at the grove on Mt. Makmal (about 5 mi/10 km east of Bcharre). At 6 000 ft/1 800 m above sea level (take along a sweater) a cluster of large old cedars survive. There are two entrances to the park: one off the main road among the souvenir stands and another one further up the road on the way to the ski resort (this entrance seems to stay open later). In the midst of the trees is a strange piece of art. A French artist who’s involved in the campaign to protect and plant cedars carved a sculpture out of the trunk of a dead tree rather than let it be chopped down. Also see if you can pick out the two trees called Adam and Eve—their trunks are joined at the “hip.” Mt. Makmal is 45 mi/75 km northeast of Beirut.

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