Things to do in Beirut

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There are lots of Beirut things to do if you are traveling to this region in Lebanon for vacation or business. Starting out at The National Museum provides you the history of this city. Visiting the Roman ruins as well as churches that include the Cathedral of St. George’s are interesting attractions for any visitor. Go Sightseeing across Beirut during most of your trip and then spend time relaxing on the beaches.

Beirut National Museum

If you visit the Beirut National Museum, you can learn about the history of this city. Lebanese history is displayed through a variety of exhibits that detail different periods of time. Start in the pre-history of Beirut by learning about the Bronze Age and go through the Iron Age, Hellenistic, Roman age, Byzantine and the Mamluk periods.
Discover the Sarcophagus of Ahiram, dated from the 10th century BC. Bring home a piece of Beirut’s history in the museum’s shop filled with books and souvenirs.

Cathedral of St. George

Built in 1767, the Cathedral of St. George is the premier Maronite church built in Beirut. Located closely to the Green Line, this church had been damaged severely throughout the Civil War. In the year 2000, the church was reopened to the public after being fully restored. The Cathedral of St George’s restoration is representative to the original design.

Roman Ruins

Discovering the Roman Ruins in Beirut things to do uncovers the Roman baths that had once been a part of the city. Remains had been uncovered in the late 1960s behind Bank Street in Beirut. View the areas where the city’s people used to bathe in the semi-circle Roman building.


Pigeon Rocks is the popular location in this area, known for the large rock formations along the coast. Take a stroll or jog along this area to enjoy the scenery. Savor the variety of international and Lebanese food at the numerous restaurants at Raouché.

The Beach Club

After visiting all of the Beirut things to do, take in a relaxing day at the beach. Beirut has plenty of beaches that are a short drive from the city. Khaldeh’s Beach Club is the closest. The Beach Club has 4 swimming pools and a large beach that stretches for 100 meters. The sand is cleaned and sifted to provide a beach that you will want to visit and enjoy.

If you are bringing children with you to Beirut, there is a playground located upon the beach where they can enjoy the swings and slides. Water sports are available for activities which include windsurfing, waterskiing, paddle boats and jet-skis. The restaurant on the beach has Lebanese and other snacks to purchase. You can easily spend a day outside soaking up the sun at The Beach Club in Khaldeh.

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