Cruises in Beirut

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The port city of Beirut is home to some of the region's most fascinating histories, and it is a thrill to tour by ship or by foot. Before 2006, Beirut cruises were extremely common, as Beirut was the most popular port in the Eastern Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the war between Israel and Lebanon at that time caused many cruise companies to stop using the area as a port-of-call for safety reasons. However, since the recent rebuilding of Beirut, the number of cruise companies that travel there has been rising.

Mediterranean Cruises

There are many cruises that tour the beautiful and historic Mediterranean Sea. One cruise, the MV Agean Odyssey, is a 16-day adventure consisting of stops in Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. The cruise highlights the ancient civilizations that have called this region home, including the Roman, Persian, Phoenician and Ottoman civilizations. Louis Cruises offers a 2-day cruise from Cyprus to Beirut; this cruise stops for one day and one night in Beirut for excursions into the ancient city. Prices for this particular cruise range from $239.00 USD to $365.00 USD.

Lebanon Cruises

Levon Travel uses Beirut as a port of call and offers day trips from Beirut to the mountains and the small villages that spot the Lebanese countryside. One company (website: offers a 6-hour cruise leaving Beirut. The ship holds up to 20 people and the itinerary includes fishing, swimming, swimming, and lunch at a seaside restaurant. This cruise costs $125 USD. The Orient Queen is a cruise ship that docks in Beirut. The ship was commissioned by the United States government to evacuate Americans during the 2006 war. The Orient Queen is now open 24 hours a day, and has casinos, a restaurant, and a bar.

Ancient Adventures offers an 18-day cruise of Lebanon, Syria and Turkey that tours highlights of the area's rich history. Called "A Magical Mystery Tour," it starts in Damascus, where passengers tour a bazaar and look at ancient Roman artifacts. From there, it heads to Lebanon, where visitors see the wonders of the old world in small villages and large cities like Beirut. The trip even includes a visit to a small town called Maaloula, where they still speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus of Nazareth. The trip ends in the ancient city of Istanbul (not Constantinople), where you will see the "Gateway to the East." This particular tour costs $7,869 USD per person, but would be the trip of a lifetime.

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