Beaches in Beirut

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Beirut Beaches present an exotic vacationing pastime, complete with unspoiled aquamarine waves beating against infinite stretches of pearly white sand. Most of the beaches in Beirut are perfect holiday spots, with sun that gives you an enviable tan and delectable Turkish delicacies served in beachside cafes.

Party Beaches

For beaches that guarantee a great party, La Plage in Beirut is the best example. The sea and sand aside, there’s loud rock music and lots of champagne to be had here. Riviera, known for its poolside club parties, is a great party spot for young people. St. George’s Yatch Club, the ritziest upscale club in the place, gets its name from Hotel St. Georges, which can be viewed from the beach’s edge.

The beaches Corniche and Ras Beirut are popular for their picturesque shorelines. Corniche for its seaside promenade that offers a majestic view of the Mediterranean, and Ras Beirut for its sandy stretch and salty sea breeze. Corniche is extremely popular among joggers and bikers who like to take in the beauty of the city and the shore.

Family-Friendly Beaches

For those who enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the seaside, Military Beach and Long Beach are seriously recommended. These are both beaches best suited for family vacationing. Calming in its exquisite scenery, Long Beach is frequented by people who prefer the tranquility of the sea-line rather than the hustle and bustle of other popular beach spots.  Military Beach, with its cement gray huts, is another popular family beach option. You can enjoy a game of basketball on the beach or go jogging along its pristine sands. It’s an ideal spot for a daytime family getaway.

Despite the allure of the beaches in Beirut, you will notice that most of the beach spots are rarely visited by native women. This is due to the conservative views of the Lebanese culture that discourage women from mingling with men in public places. So don’t be surprised when you come across women-only beaches, like Aajram and Costa Brava.

Beirut Beach Locations:

St. George’s Yatch Club: Ain el Mreisseh, Beirut
Corniche: Next to Manara (near the Beirut Lighthouse), Beirut
Ras Beirut: Manara, Beirut
Women’s-only beach of Aajram: Aajram, Beirut

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