7 Day Itinerary in Beirut

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Your Beirut Itinerary should include visiting all of the attractions in the self-proclaimed "Paris of the Middle East." The capital city of Lebanon has many things worth seeing during your visit, including parks, museums, historical landmarks and festivals (depending on when you visit). Arabic and French are the official languages of Lebanon. Many young people speak English, but it is smart to learn several phrases in Arabic or French if you do not already know these languages.

Day 1: Orient Yourself to Beirut

Take a taxi downtown to Martyr Square to look at the statues and unique blend of Arabic and European architecture. From here you can walk to many shops and acclimate yourself to Beirut's way of life. While downtown you should try a Ka'ek which is similar to a large bagel and can be bought from street vendors.

Day 2: Learn Beirut's History and Culture

A trip to the National Museum of Beirut will be full of knowledge of the region's archeology and history. This museum is very inexpensive at just 5,000 LBP (3.31 USD). Art lovers won't want to miss the Beirut Art Center which is a non-profit public space that houses Modern Contemporary Art.

Day 3: Visit Natural Landmarks

The Jeita Grotto is a series of limestone caves located 20 km north of Beirut. The caves are some of the best natural beauty that Lebanon has to offer. The massive arched caves contain some of the world's largest stalactites and several majestic rock formations.

Day 4: Go to the Beach

Your Beirut itinerary would not be complete without a day on the Mediterranean. Though much of the public beaches are not sandy, it is a good way to relax and spend the day in the sun. You might consider paying a 20 USD fee to spend a full day at a private and sandy beach.

Day 5: See the Sights

A trip downtown to the recently restored Solidére Clock Tower would be a good start to seeing the sights in Beirut. Downtown has many mosques and interesting architecture. While downtown, you can head to the Herbal Garden or Nejmeh Square for a picnic in the park.

Day 6: Shopping

There are many high-end shopping locations on Rue. Verdun (Verdun Rd.) that have designer clothing and accessories. If you find yourself shopping on a Saturday, head to Souk El Tayeb a market in the Saifi Village that has artisan crafts and local cheese, honey and bread.

Day 7: Sunday

Every Sunday, Arabian thoroughbreds race in the Beirut Hippodrome. This event is free of charge and it can be fun to bet on the outcome of the race or just to see some of the world's best horses.

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