Beaches in Kuwait city

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Planning to spend your time on Kuwait City beaches intro to summertime fun? You are going to enjoy the different beaches especially when they are attached to a hotel! In fact a large number of beaches in Kuwait are parts of 5-star hotels. After the discovery of petroleum in the 1930s, Kuwait has become an oil-rich country. So along with viewing its ancient civilization you will want to relax in a really luxurious blend of modern and ancient atmosphere.

Tanning in Kuwait City

Interested in knowing more about rest and relaxation in Kuwait? Not only are you going to get plenty of desert, but also miles and miles of beaches. Tanning yourself on a public beach is definitely not recommended. However, you can Sun worship if your beach is attached to a hotel or a club. The Kuwait coastline is bordered with a number of beaches, some public and some private.

Beaches along the Persian Gulf

All you have to do is look for places bordering the Persian Gulf where you can get a place to sit and enjoy the scenery. Swimming is also allowed along these beaches. There are a number of very popular beaches in Kuwait including the Scientific City Beach. This is the place to come if you are looking for a fun day out, walks, picnics, outings, and walking in the gardens and parks.

Remember to enjoy the 3-D cinema, the fishing pier, the aquarium and the place of discovery. There is also a gift shop. You will have to pay an entry fee to visit the Discovery Place, the aquarium, and the cinema after your walk on the beach.

Messilah Beach

You can also visit the Messilah Beach at Salmiyyah Kuwait. This is one of the most popular beaches, even though it is private. Ladies' Days are Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays, when you can enjoy traditional performances and dancing--ladies only!

The seafront is stretches from the Kuwaiti Towers to the region of Al-Bedaa. You are going to enjoy strolling down the well-paved paths with all that greenery to feast your eyes on. And then remember to round off the evening by having dinner for 2 at any of the restaurants or beach-side caf├ęs.

Al Oqeila Beach

The Al Oqeila beach is a place where you can enjoy yourself with friends and family to relax under the stars. You can also enjoy a barbecue party, but remember to reserve ahead so that you know about the timing for the party guests.
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