Day Trips Intro in Kuwait

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Kuwait City Day Trips offer lots of options to visitors since Kuwait presents a vast range of historic and cultural sights worth exploring. Some of the most popular Kuwait City Day Trips options include:

Kuwait City Day Trip to 'Era of Black Gold'

This day trip is essentially about exploring how Kuwait evolved into one of the world’s richest, most influential oil producers. The displays at the Kuwait Oil Display Museum help to understand the ‘Era of Black Gold’ during which Kuwait gained global prominence. This museum can be accessed via a cab-ride. It is about 40 km from the main, city center. The trip also includes visiting the house of a Kuwaiti merchant who initiated Kuwait’s entry into the global, oil-trade during the 19th century. The best way to end this day trip is feast upon the local delicacies found at the nearby, Dhow Harbor.

Kuwait City Heritage Day Trip

Kuwait has always engaged global attention for its place in Middle East’s history. Visitors can embark upon a day trip to understand the historical significance of Kuwait. This includes visiting places like the Kuwait National Museum and the Traditional House of Weaving. Visitors should definitely visit the Al Mullahab II that is slightly, farther away from the main part of the city. Other places of historic interest include the Old Place and New Seif Palace. Along the back lanes of the Banking Area lies the Traditional Heritage Market. It is commonly referred to as the ‘Souq of Kuwait’. Here, visitors can find traditional offerings like antiques and authentic carpets. Further, visitors should visit the Al Hashemi II that displays the largest, wooden dhow boat in the world.

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