When to Go in Jordan

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One of the countries of the Middle-East that has a variety of weathers is Jordan. When to go to this place should be determined by the time of the year and the activities that can be done.


Spring is one of the best seasons in Jordan. When to go is best explained by the climate. The month of May brings the beginning of dry and sunny days in Jordan. Tourists are better off visiting Jordan during April and May. March is the end of the rainy season. April and May are ideal for tourists to explore Jordan, because the days are sunny, the weather is not very hot and most of Jordan's attractions are outdoors.

Tourists can visit Petra during the Spring. Petra is a building that was carved out of a large rock. The weather is ideal to go outdoors and explore Jordan.


The heat of the summer sun intensifies on July and August. During the months of July and August Jordan is hit by dry winds and sand storms. The Khasim is dry wind that hits Jordan from the Southeast. This wind produces sand storms that hinder visibility making it hard to travel on land, water and air.

The strong winds make the heat unbearable, the temperature can go from hot to hotter and the sand tends to get on people's eyes. People cannot be outdoors during the strong winds.


During June and September Jordan is hit by the Shamal. The Shamal is wind that hits Jordan from the Northeast. This natural phenomenon lasts from 1 day to 3 days. The activities in Jordan come to a halt during this time. Fishers do not leave the harbor and airplanes do not take off because the visibility is low and the winds are very strong.

The month of November marks the beginning for the rainy season. Rain falls all the way to December and January. However the rain is not as strong and it gives tourists relief from the dry desert weather that Jordan has.


December and January bring rain to the region. The highests part of the country gets snow a few times. January tends to be the coldest month of the year. The winters are also a good time in Jordan. When to go is best decided if the weather allows tourists be be outdoors.

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