Top 5 Must Do's in Jordan

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Jordan is home to some of the Middle East's most astounding sights. Here are some  Jordan must do’s for your visit. 

1. Amman

Unless you're traveling in from elsewhere in the region, you must begin your trip through Jordan from its capital city, Amman. This beautiful city is called the "White City" because of all its white houses. It is a city of stark contrasts, since it is home to remnants of the Roman city of Philadelphia, but is ultra-modern at the same time. The capital is a living museum of Roman, Golden Age and Byzantine Muslim architecture.

2. Petra

To complete your trip to Jordan, you must head into the countryside, starting with the splendorous city of Petra. Once called the capital of an Arab dynasty known as the Nabataeans, this red-colored city was hewn from the sandstone walls of a massive canyon. Petra is only accessible via a narrow gorge with high walls. The most famous structure is the Khazneh, or Treasury. Its spectacular façade is the very first structure that you will see when entering the city. The Winged Lions Temple is also not to be ignored. Neither should you miss the ruin that used to be an 8,000-seat amphitheatre. The monastery is equally mesmerizing.

3. Wadi Rum

A top must do in Jordan is heading into the wilderness to Wadi Rum. This area offers its visitors the most stunning desert landscapes found anywhere in the world.

In Wadi Rum, being a large desert playground, activities are restricted, as the area is protected and one has to pay an entrance fee. Visitors can spend their time as they wish, but it is safer and more fun to hire an enlisted guide or join an available tour. There is an unrestricted range of activities, from short SUV or camel trips to lengthy desert explorations, lasting several days.

4. Aqaba

Another top must do in Jordan is to visit Aqaba, with its balmy winter and idyllic setting. Aqaba is the all year-round aquatic playground of the Jordanites. The pulsating marine life and clear waters of the Aqaba Gulf are so conducive to diving that they are acknowledged to be among the best in the world. The Aqaba Gulf, as an inland sea, has minimal strong currents; therefore, its waters stay warm and clear almost throughout the year. Conditions are perfect for taking underwater pictures of the exotic fish and plant life. These also offer excellent snorkeling and diving sessions.

5. Mount Nebo

This monastery, situated on a hill with a view over the Holy Land, is alleged to be the burial place of Moses. The custodians are Franciscan monks, including Father Picirillo, who is an archaeologist and has written many books on the Holy Land’s history and archaeology. The monastery contains some of the most impressive mosaics seen in the world.

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