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It’s best to prepare a list of Jordan sights before you enjoy a vacation there.


Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a safe, friendly and ultra-modern city, and home to a plethora of restaurants, shopping areas and bars. Interestingly, its ancient name was Rabbath-Ammon, which was later changed to "Philadelphia." Amman has a current population of roughly 1,500,000. Its white houses have earned the nickname of the "White City." A must-see in Amman is the majestic Roman Theatre.

Azrak Wetland Reserve

Azraq, an extraordinary wetland oasis situated deep in the semi-arid eastern Jordanian desert, is one of numerous appealing nature reserves. Its unique attraction includes various ancient, natural pools, a marshland which is flooded on a seasonal basis, and a huge mudflat named Qa'a Al-Azraq. Flocks of birds stop by annually for a well-deserved rest during their migration routes. Some even remain during the winter and use the protected wetland areas for breeding.

Baptism Site

Situated a few hundred metres from the River Jordan, "Bethany beyond the Jordan" is supposedly where John the Baptist performed the Baptism, as inferred by excavations done. A first-century AD settlement was found, having plastered pools with water systems, which had almost certainly been used for baptism. Furthermore, they found a 5th-6th-century AD Byzantine settlement showing churches, structures indicating association to religious pilgrims, and a monastery. Excavations are still underway, and new discoveries are being made in that area almost daily.

Dead Sea

The Great Rift Valley’s northern end houses the Jordan Valley, which is the lowest position on the Earth’s surface. The valley houses the Dead Sea, which is 400 metres or more below sea level. Typical of the Mediterranean, the valley has mild winters with hot summers. Due to its low position, it acts as a natural greenhouse, with a wealth of minerals and water which feeds from nearby river valleys. In ancient times, the Valley Jordan was a most fertile area in the Middle East, and many civilizations originated from its soil.


Petra is astounding and miraculous since it is rose-red in color. In the past it was the fortress to the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab tribe who settled in Jordan over 2,000 years ago. Petra was admired for its advanced culture, impressive architecture, and brilliantly structured dams and water channels. Petra is currently a UNESCO world heritage area that enchants visitors from all over of the globe. Much of Petra's attraction generates from its stunning setting, deep within a narrow gorge in the desert. It is accessed only by advancing through a one-kilometer chasm (or siq) on foot, with 200 metre high walls on either side. Petra's most famous beacon, the Treasury, appears majestically towards the end of the chasm. The Treasury’s rising facade is but one of an array of archaeological wonders at Petra.


Jordan has indeed many sights and places to visit all over the country. It is seeking to increase the number of people who visit them, and its doing that through its Career Forum to provide these places with top professional cadres to benchmark their international standards and provide them with needed quality.

The race has started for Jordan's First Annual Tourism and Hospitality Career Forum that is set to start on 31 July - 1 August, 2007. With less than a month to go, every one at the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association, the organizers, is preparing for the final touches to make the Forum succeed both in content and in service.

There will be employers from the tourism sector who have special booths so that visitors can come and connect, establish relations, submit C/V's and be told how the tourism industry is expanding in different areas of the Kingdom in top places like Amman, Jeresh, Madaba, Wadi Rum, Petra, and Aqaba, in Azraq, Dana and Karak.

While it is generally recognized locals may shun away from being employed in the tourism sector, the Career Forum is designed to create a new image for the tourism sector in the Kingdom, as a dynamic industry, plenty of job opportunities, and a sector where you can make a career whether in its hotels, restaurants, tour operator offices, travel agents and/or in its transport companies.

"Some employers representing these sectors will definitely be there," says JITOA's Executive Director Ahmad El Bashiti who has been busy for the last three months attempting to secure sponsors, and working with the Jordan Development Tourism Project, Siyaha, the organization that is supporting the Career Forum.

Siyaha is a USAID sponsored project designed to strengthen the tourism sector in Jordan and increase public awareness. One of the objectives of the Careers Forum is to increase the pool of professionally skilled labor and upgrade the level of quality service within the industry, and thus working in line with the views and vision of Siyaha.

It is expected that many people will come to the two-day venue that is being held at the Zara Expo in Jabal Amman's Third Circle . However organizers say the Career Forum, a first of its kind in Jordan 's tourism sector is aimed at current industry employees, professional employees wanting to explore new opportunities, college and university graduates as well as those from vocational training centers, and professional Jordanians working outside the tourism industry.

"This is the best time to enter the industry," says El Bashiti. "Its growing, dynamic, and global, judged from the number of international visitors who are coming here for holidays and conferences."

The Career Forum will show the industry is looking for different types of skills, and the employers who are going to be there will both provide indicators as to what kind of occupations they are looking for as in waiters, housekeepers, account executives, and so on.

Directly meeting employers, it is hoped will give the Career Forum, the needed authority to tell visitors that this our tourism industry, its growing but it will only continue to blossom with your help, you the public, El Bashiti adds.

The Career Forum has now its own website  establishing a website, and telling visitors the Career Forum will have a permanent place in cyberspace where visitors will have complete access to the job and career opportunities in Jordan's tourism industry.


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