Senior Travel in Jordan

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Following is a Jordan senior travel guide that will provide older travelers with adequate information to make their trips to this country more enjoyable.


Regular taxis are the best choice for getting around within cities in Jordan. These are bright yellow in color and are mostly in good condition. Taxis run on meters and a 10 km ride will cost around $2. However, if you are traveling outside Amman, remember to negotiate a fare before departing as they aren’t metered. Tourists can also hire taxis for a whole day or afternoon which will cost about $20 to $25 or less. Another mode of traveling in the country is the bus services provided by JETT. There are also private buses that operate from Amman to Aqaba and Irbid. The domestic air route from Amman to Aqaba offers a quicker and more comfortable way to travel in Jordan.


The rich history and culture of Jordan makes it one of the best places for older tourists as the country offers many wonderful attractions. The ancient city of Amman is most popular for tourism. The Citadel, a historical site, is one of the most important attractions in this city. It includes the Omayyad Palace, the Byzantine Church and the Temple of Hercules. Jerash is another ancient city and popular destination in Jordan. It is comprised of baths, colonnaded and paved streets, spacious plazas and public squares, fountains, hilltop temples and many other things. Besides these, there are many castles and other historical and cultural sites like the Mameluk Fort, Qusair Amra and Shobak and Karak forts that are worth visiting in Jordan.


Older tourists will find numerous 4 and 5 star hotels, especially in Amman. There are also many 2 and 3 star hotels in Jordan that are cheap and offer good facilities. Tourists should know that Jordan hotels are rated on the basis of two scales. Western style 5 star hotels are the standard kind and local 5 star establishments that are more like 3 star Western hotels. Room rates differ from hotel to hotel, but are affordable. Tourists who are planning to stay in Jordan for about a month or so should opt for furnished apartments to save some money.

Jordan is abundant in hospitals, especially in Amman. The country is safe, so older tourists don’t have to worry about anything. However, it is best to stay away from the Iraqi border. Jordan is a liberal country and due to this, female travelers can wear regular clothing without any trouble. Ensure that the clothing is modest so that you don’t insult their culture. Certain western norms like public displays of affection may not be tolerated as it is a Muslim nation.

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