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Jordan practical information helps tourist to understand about money and costs, currency, population, health services, banks, visa, culture, cuisine, traditions, geography and climate.  

Population and Gender Ratio

The population of Jordan is 6,198,677, according to the 2008 census. The gender ratio at birth is 1.06 male per female. The total population gender ratio is 1.1 male per female.  


The official currency for Jordan is the dinar. One Jordanian dinar equals 1.411 USD. 1 The Jordanian dinar is divided in to 1000 fils or 1100 qirsh and it is available in the paper notes of 50, 20, 10.5 and I JD. Coins appear in .5JD, .25 JD, and 100 fils, 50 fils,1 fils and 5 fils.  


Jordan's official language is Arabic. English is the secondary language which is used at many places like universities, in medicine, government, commerce and among educated people. Arabic and English languages are taught in private and public schools and it is considered as obligatory learning. French is the other obligatory language in private and public schools. Other languages such as Armenian and Caucasian languages are spoken in Jordan. Russian is spoken by majority of old people.  


Most of the population lives in urban areas and less than 7 percent of the people of Jordan are considered rural population and are nomadic and semi-nomadic. Nearly a million people have registered themselves as Palestinian refugees and displaced persons, including Iraqis, live in Jordan.  


Islam is the official religion in Jordan. Approximately 92 percent of the people are Sunni Muslims and 8 percent are Christians. Islamic is not mandatory for non-Muslims students. Official religion does not take part in government and is not allowed in the affairs related to government.  


The main culture of Jordan is Arabic. Jordan is famous for architecture, artists, religions and ethnic groups residing in Jordan. This is due to the stability and tolerance of the Jordanian people.

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The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

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