Getting There in Jordan

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If you are planning to visit Jordan, getting there isn't too difficult. Jordan is becoming a major tourist destination in Asia, and its international connectivity is reasonably good.

Reaching Jordan by Air

This is the most commonly used option for reaching Jordan. Royal Jordanian Airlines is the national carrier of Jordan, and it runs many scheduled flights to surrounding Middle Eastern and European countries. Most of the connecting flights towards Jordan originate from cities like Cairo, Beirut and Damascus.

The Queen Alia International Airport serves as the entry point for most international flights headed towards Jordan. Located along the southern border of Amman, the airport is also well connected to Aqaba. Air travelers can access the bus service from this airport to reach any of the nearby hotels.

Other important international airports in Jordan that are beginning to host international flights include the King Hussein International Airport (Aqaba) and Marka International Airport (eastern part of Amman).

Visa Basics when Traveling to Jordan

All international visitors headed to Jordan need a visa. However, there are some exceptions for those belonging to the neighboring Arab nations. The visas are easily obtainable at the airport. Arab nationals are allowed access through the border crossings too, with minimal paperwork. Non-Arab international visitors in Jordan are required to get themselves registered with a local police station within one month of their arrival.

Reaching Jordan by Train

Jordan’s main railway system is the Hejaz Railway, but its service isn't very regular. It runs along the international rail route to Damascus up to two times a week. Those boarding the train from Damascus can enter Amman by getting down at the Mahatta junction near Amman. Services of the Hejaz have often been suspended due to political differences and other reasons. Thus, checking the rail schedule and confirming your tickets is seriously advised.

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