Getting Around in Jordan

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Jordan Transportation facilities have undergone a substantial improvement over the last decade, owing to the increasing influx of foreign visitors. Visitors have the following options for getting around in Jordan:

Traveling by Taxis

The traffic can be chaotic at some times and hence, most tourists prefer to use the taxis. The taxis are meter-operated, and the taxi drivers have a reputation of being courteous to overseas visitors. A local taxi can be easily hired for a day for a daytime trip. Visitors can also share a taxi with locals or other tourists. This is a common practice in most cities of Jordan, and helps people save upon traveling costs. Taxis to destinations like Petra and other cities around Amman should be booked in advance. The yellow-colored taxis are on  par with any international cab service. A more basic version of the taxis is also available. These are the white-colored taxis that charge a bit less and are often covered with Arabic quotes. Often called the "service," these taxis should be used only if you have a basic understanding of the city routes.

Traveling by Rental Cars

Car rentals are easily available with minimal documentation. However, for driving in Jordan, you need to have an international driving permit. There are three arterial roads that should be clearly understood before driving in Jordan:

The Desert Highway that stretches from the city of Irbid to Aqaba;

the Dead Sea Highway that connects Jordan’s Dead Sea ports to Aqaba;

Kings' Highway, the chosen route for traveling between Amman and Wadi Mousa.

Traveling by Buses

Minibuses are the most dependable form of local transport across Jordan. The fares are cheap and the service, though not systematic, is very thorough. The local bus services between Amman and northern Aqaba are probably the best. There are some government coaches, too. Most of the minibuses are run by JETT. There are some air-conditioned buses as well, but they are a bit more difficult to find.

Finding Your Way in Jordan

Amman is the commercial nerve-point of Jordan. It consists of several "jabals," or small hills, along which all the popular neighborhoods are based. When traveling in Amman and other surrounding cities, try to locate a destination by asking for landmarks. Most of the streets here don’t have commonly recognizable names. Many of the jabals have popular traffic roundabouts. These traffic junctions are referred to as "circles" and they serve as pointers to many popular destinations.

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