Festivals in Jordan

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Jordan Festivals are a pleasing blend of religious and cultural celebrations. Jordan has emerged as one of the main touring destinations in Middle East. Tourists are increasingly beginning to understand the relevance of the many Jordan festivals. As a result, some of these festivals have now gained international fame and seek global participation. Some of the most popular Jordan festivals include:

Hakaya Festival

Hosted in the capital city of Amman, this is one of Jordan’s most prestigious, annual cultural festivals. The festival is essentially an attempt to rejuvenate the traditional art of storytelling. In Jordan, storytelling isn’t just about recreation. In a society still bound by conservations regarding progressive education and commercialization, storytelling is a medium of informing the masses.

The Hakaya Festival is actually held in various stages throughout Jordan buts its epicenter is Amman. There are storytelling seminars that are ideal for visitors to get a glimpse into the rural facets of Jordan society. Similarly, narrative films are screened across Amman for different age-groups. Storytelling artists also include participants from surrounding nations like Egypt and Israel. Some people believe that Hakaya is essentially a primitive form of Mediterranean storytelling format that was prevalent in Jordan under the Islamic rulers. Now, Hakaya has also become a medium for people of different faiths to express themselves. The last few editions have seen participation form some European nations, like Denmark.

  • Venue: Al Balad Theatre, 12 Yazid Bin Abi Sufian Steet, Amman. The festival is usually hosted in the first or second week of May but the dates can be changed.

Festival of Rabee’ Awal

Rabee’ Awal refers to an entire month of religious festivities in Jordan. This is one of the most sacred months in the Islamic calendar. During this month, the Mawlid or the birth of Prophet Muhammad is celebrated. The dates are often changed according to the lunar calendar but usually, in Jordan, it is celebrated around the end of March. The entire nation seems overpowered with a feasting frenzy. The local markets are adorned with fluorescent lighting and food stalls. This is perhaps the best time to taste the native delicacies of Jordan.

  • Venue: Celebrated across Jordan, being one of its most important, religious festivals.

Amman International Theater Festival

This annual, theater festival is regarded as the biggest of its kind across the entire Middle East and in North Africa. Held annually in April, the festival is an attempt to promote native theater artists and their cultural heritage. The performances are rendered in English and Arabic. This has become a sought-after theater event in the Arab world. Many international dignitaries and some Hollywood stars too can be spotted. Usually, the festival is hosted for about 8 days. Many days are reserved for shows by a single, participant country. Visitors can choose the days on which they want to attend. This is an excellent way to get acquainted with the cultures of various nations in an easy-to-understand medium.

  • Venue: P.O. Box-911749, Amman, Jordan 11191

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