Family Travel Ideas in Jordan

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There is a wide array of activities for Jordan family travel; below are some recommendations.

Bedouin Camping

This is a Bedouin Vacation Village where guests, campers and tourists can stay overnight and enjoy entertainment on a nightly basis in the magical atmosphere of the Bedouin tradition surrounding them.
The main objective here is to preserve and promote both the community and the culture of local Bedouins, and to improve the environment with their creativity. Raising and developing ecological awareness, of course, is another objective. The local Ammarins manage the camp.
Guests may attend nightly programs which cover authentic music and dance, herbs, beverages, food and frankincense. All the Ammarins are bound to give you excellent service and to assist you throughout your visit.
The Wadi Al- Mujib Nature Reserve

This reserve, one of Jordan's most inspiring natural areas, adjoins the Dead Sea. It has a narrow gorge, such as Petra's Siq, with a river flowing through it. Over millennia, water has shaped numerous large caves as well as waterfalls within the gorge. The trip allows visitors to walk, swim and climb through rushing water. Anyone craving adventure is strongly encouraged to pursue it.

Dive In the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea is the best administered sport in Aqaba. Its coral reefs present an excellently kept tropical marine ecosystem. Both beginner and advanced courses are available with experienced instructors and facilities to rent equipment. Non-divers are invited to do first-class snorkeling for which there are several sites. The Aqaba water is warm in summer as well as in spring. Please take note that for safety reasons, after you dive, you are forbidden to fly for one day.  

Parachute Over Jordan

A parachute leap over Jordan is the ultimate exhilaration. You only need 4 hours of training at the USPA (United States Parachute Association), co-operating with the Royal Parachute Club to make a vertical jump from 4,000 feet. Accomplished free-falls can be organized for fully qualified parachutists. This club is located in Aqaba.

Camping and Hiking 

Dana is home to a plethora of natural attractions such as ancient ruins, natural scenes, vast numbers of fauna and flora, of which some are indigenous only to the desert. This Dana reserve comprises a wadi system combined with rugged mountains. These extend from Jordan Rift Valley’s top right down to Wadi Araba, which is the desert low land. Dana village poses a perfect example of the traditional and eternal Jordanian village. A visitor’s centre sells produce harvested organically from the terrace gardens in the village, as well as pottery artifacts and silver jewelry made from the village women. Dana hosts a wide selection of trails leading to major aspects of interest.

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