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Welcome to the lowest point (land accessible) on Earth.  Tucked some 400 meters below the sea level, the Dead Sea is an oasis from its nearby desert-land and dusty, light-brown mountainous surroundings.  It's a beautiful sight to see, especially if much of your time has been spent in Amman or another inland point.  The Dead Sea views will not disappoint the frequent traveler of beach oriented destinations.  Come here to hit your 'reset button'.

Floating in the Dead Sea is an experience that can't be passed on.  Don't be surprised when you find out that you can't swim, as the moment you enter the water, your body naturally floats to the top (due to the high salt/mineral content in the water).  Until you experience it, you'll have a hard time believing me here when I say that you can literally float on top of the water and read the daily news without the chance of getting your paper wet! It is almost impossible to drown in the sea.

We visited the Dead Sea Marriott; here you'll enter the lush grounds by passing through a guarded gate .  As you stroll up to the main entrance, you'll see European cars lined up and polished clean, the sign that this is a 'place to be'.  Walk in, and then out again Sea-side, and you'll be presented with cascading pools that follow a walkway all the way down to a beach adjacent to the Sea.

As you sit back to sip a cool drink by the Sea, you'll see green colored people walking around the beach.  No, they're not martians -- some come here to frolic in the mud by painting their entire body with muds straight from the Earth.  It's fun to watch them turn colors, from green to dark mud color as the sun cakes the mud painting to their bodies.

Look beyond the fun and into the distance (perhaps no more than 30-40 kilometers) and you'll see Israel.  Just don't try to swim there, as you probably won't be greeted by friendly military police as it's not a formal entry way into the country -- even if you're floating with your passport in hand. :)

Travel to the Dead Sea from Amman takes approximately 1 hour by car.  It's roughly 50-60 kilometers from Amman.  Be sure to carry a form of identification or your passport with you.  We traveled in late 2004, and during the drive to Amman, we had to stop at an entry point to the Dead Sea where the guards asked to see a form of identification. The area is very sensative for Araps.  Also, on the   road,  near by the sea, beaware of the signs "mine fields", there are several.


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