Beaches in Jordan

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Jordan beaches can be found in the town of Aqaba, along the Red Sea coast line. Most of resorts and hotels offer the best possible beach experience in Jordan. Jordan is landlocked with Aqaba as the only access to the Red Sea. With Wadi Rum close by, the traveler can go for a desert adventure and then relax and soak their feet in the warm waters of the Red Sea.

Royal Diving Club

This beach requires a fee, but the snorkeling and diving opportunities more than make up for the fees. There is a diving school available for beginners or those who need a little brushing up. The trainers are excellent and the school offers a variety of diving trips around the coast.

Holiday Beach

This beach has more than just snorkeling and diving available, as colorfully clad dancing troops will sometimes entertain the beach goers. Boat trips can be taken to view the whales, sharks and flying fish.

The Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea will leave the traveler feeling weightless as they soak up the healing mineral waters of this body of water. Near the north end of the Dead Sea is a beach resort with fresh waterfalls for rinsing the layer of salt off the body. It is always important to rinse off well after lazing around the warm waters of the Dead Sea. Take eye drops and remember not to shave beforehand.

The Red Sea

In Aqaba fantasy comes to life as the beach goers spread out over the warm sands of this beach. Sun bathing is not the only activity this beach offers. Snorkeling, sail surfing, jet skiing or just playing in the water makes the Red Sea the place to be for fun in the sun.

The Intercontinental

There are no reefs in this area but there are many other fine sights and things to do on this beach. There is a fee for this beach but it is packed with amenities like beach bars, volleyball, things for the kids to do, sun beds and shade. If the water is too salty there are swimming pools available.

Mövenpick Aqaba Beach

This is a beach resort that can be entered through the luxury resort. This beach offers sun beds, shades and towels, 4 swimming pools, a children's pool and an activity center. For the sun worshiper who is thirsty, a nice little beach bar is stationed there as well.

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