Aqaba Travel Guide

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Hotel in Aqaba

Hotel in Aqaba

Lukman from Jordan

Aqaba is located in the south of Jordan just accross the border from Eilat in Israel and is the only place in the whole country where you swim in the sea. The beaches are great, so is snorkeling and diving. The red sea has a fantastic underwaterscape. Although a few spots in Egypt may have better opportunities, Aqaba is great.

The town itself is exotic and promotes a true insight into the Jordanian lifestyle.

Aqaba is a convenient starting point for seeing a few of the main attractions in the south of Jordan such as Petra or Wadi rum. Furthermore it offers the possibility to take the boat to Egypt, with ferries leaving regularly for Nuweiba in the Sinai.

(Added) It is fair to say Aqaba is not that exciting to a superficial traveller, when he or she expects to see all that the town has to offer through hotel windows and city sites presented in package deals. However Aqaba is like many of its archeological sites - it needs to be excavated.

You need to experience the culture, immerse yourself with the realism of its life. That is the magic of Aqaba. No place on Earth has the geographic characteristics of its charm. Mountains, the sea and the desert. Its heaven on earth. The people, granted, are rough and, yes I'll admit, a bit prehistoric, but that is something that adds to the experience, a little something to remind you that you are not in heaven but still in fact in this living world.

It's not only a great starting point, but a great middle and end point as well. Carpe Diem. Go and experience life, not just a postcard.

The city of Aqaba hosts both a Half Marathon, a Dead-to-Red Marathon to run to the Red Sea (in a team), and a Triathalon. The Half Marathon takes place in early December, where it is the best time to travel as the weather is just amazing. The first Triathalon was run in March 2006.

Aqaba is about to explode in its growth. Between 20 and 25 four and five star hotels are planned for the next three to four years. Many luxury homes will be built and Aqaba is quickly becoming the vacation destination of choice for the Gulf States' rich and famous.

During this growth, Aqaba may become more of a vacation destination than a must-see tourist stop. Already there are signs of the tremendous growth as busloads of Jordanians are dropped off at the beaches on Fridays and Saturdays from places like Ma'an, Karak, and Irbid. Aqaba is also a Special Economic Zone meaning many goods in the malls are duty free.

Aqaba is a very safe city, and during the hot months (May through September), the streets are alive between 8pm and midnight as most people wait until then to do their shopping. Single women are not advised to go by themselves as they may be harassed. But violent crime is virtually non-existent and you can feel pretty good about walking around viritually at any time.

Train service on a replica steam train began very recently between Aqaba and Wadi Rum. Many more activities are planned for Aqaba.
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