Amman Travel Guide

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Amman is a fairly modern city with ancient roots. The city is built on seven hills, like every great city should be.  It is one of the cleanest and neatest cities in the Arab world. These hills sometimes make it a bit hard to get around, but since taxis are not expensive and always near, you will never really get lost.  Male passengers should sit in the front seat beside the driver.  It's a great way to find out about the city, too.

In the heart of the city is the Roman theater. The theater is really beautiful, there is a nice park nearby, there are Internet cafes and shops in the street that passes the theater and there is a McDonalds right on the spot. This is the place to be!

Scattered around town are quite a few other sights, some going back to Roman times, others to the heyday of the Islamic civilization.

Amman has the best archeological museum in Jordan and in a country with so many antiquities that is something to be proud of.

One of the best highlights of this city is the friendliness of everyone you meet.  Don't be shocked when you hear the world "welcome" with a big smile in every shop or place you visit.  The Ammanians are proud of their city and country and they are always happy to greet visitors and make them feel at home.  And you will always feel safe walking the streets - day or night. 


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