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accommodation in Jordan

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Vacationing in Jordan, the traveler is faced with a multitude of Jordan hotels and accommodations. Which one to choose depends on the choice of amenities and budget. There are the luxury hotels and resorts as well as accommodations for the traveler on a mid to low budget.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

The Aqaba Red Sea Hotel is within walking distance for shopping and the business district. This hotel runs at the high end of the budget but the amenities are outstanding.

With banquet rooms, board rooms, the Internet and fax service as well as child care and a play area, this facility is family friendly. The Mövenpick Hotel in Tala Bay is another Jordan hotel that offers child friendly and business facilities. The Jordan Intercontinental is a stunning luxury hotel with amenities that include video rentals, room service round the clock, child care, safety deposits boxes, indoor and outdoor pools. The Intercontinental can offer the traveler a luxurious place to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Mid-Range Hotels

Hotels around Petra offers a wide range of accommodations for those on a slightly restricted budget. Ranging from around $130 to $95, Petra's hotels and accommodations are clean, bright and friendly. The Mövenpick Hotel is a 4-storey building that caters to both individuals and groups. Two restaurants can be found in this hotel as well as medium sized rooms and well-maintained bathrooms. The Marriott is always a favored choice with clean room, suitable accommodations and 1 restaurant. The Petra Marriott is good choice for the price.

Economy Hotels

Aqaba offers the widest selection of economy hotels with prices ranging from $75 a night to $45 a night. The Golden Tulip is in the center of the city, surrounded by great restaurants and within walking distance of the beach. There is a swimming pool on the roof as well as a snack bar. The Days Inn is always a guaranteed bargain for the traveler. Cozy rooms run from around $60 a night. The hotel offers a lounge for relaxing in and a roof-top swimming pool, and most rooms have a wonderful view of the Jordan landscape and the Red Sea from the roof top.

Days Inn Suites are equipped with air conditioning, a small refrigerator and a balcony. Most rooms are situated so the traveler can view the sea from their private balcony. This Inn boasts of a bar and a few shops for souvenir collecting and easy access to the beach.

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Property Information: All of our team our bedouin born in the Wadi Rum desert. We have many years experience working in tourim industry, running different tours in the desert eg. hiking, climbing, camel trekking, jeep tours and camping.

Our Rumshines Camp is located in the Sunset area inside the desert.
we offer very comfortable tent for example you have the option of - double tent, private tent or shared tent. all with beds inside with blanket and pillows.
at the same time you can have the option of sleeping outside under the stars.
we also have a big more..

World66 rating:[rate it]
address:Wadi Rum