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Jordan is one of the most exciting countries in the Middle East and its capital, Amman is a very clean city. It is a safe country for travelers, it has incredible sights, the people are friendly, and the sun always shines. Do you need any more reasons?

The capital city, Amman, is quite a nice place to spend some time and, of course, some money. The city center features an old Roman theater, an ancient Citadel, an archaeological museum (which features some of the Dead Sea Scrolls among other interesting artefacts), and a plethora of shops and stalls selling souvenirs.  It is also an ideal location for launching out to other sites throughout Jordan. 

Amman itself is a very good itinerary, you can have a walking contrast between the old town and the plush parts of the city, indeed the contrast to say the least is mind-boggling.

If you want to visit on your own that can be fulfilling, but for a really good historical perspective your best bet is to have a guided tour from one of the local operators who can arrange a customized tour. It will show you the contrasts, developments, social change, local skyscrapers (still a novelty), tunnels and the erected bridges.  

But Jordan has many other places to see that's why a tour guide would be best. Highlights of Jordan include Petra, Jerash, Aqaba, Um Qais, Mount Nebo, the Dead sea, the Jordan River, and Wadi rum. These are many places, that's why tour company companies arrange their packages and excursions on a daily basis to allow international tourists to see as much of the country as possible.

In Jordan for instance there is diversity as far the tourism product is concerned. There is for instance, cultural, historical tourism, eco-tourism, religious tourism, desert tourism (majestic mountains of Wadi Rum) and the swimming and diving in Aqaba's virginal waters.

The country is an open space, a readership manual of different products. In Jordan, the Rose Red City of Petra is the most famous but in reality there are many, many other towns, cities, places and archaeological digs for everyone to see.

Come and explore!


Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Samer Twaissi


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