Timna Valley National Park Travel Guide

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Solomon's Pillars

Solomon's Pillars

Dalia Rubin

Timna Park is located in the Timna valley, about 30 km north of Eilat, in the Southern Arava region of Israel. It is U-shaped, yellow sandstone mountains surround it from tree sides, and red volcanic Mt Timna is in the centre. The park opens eastward, towards the Arava road.

The park contains amazing natural phenomena: King Solomon's Pillars (carved out by water erosion), the " Mushroom" (a red sandstone rock shaped by wind and water), and the "Arches". These and many others make it a beautiful and colorful sample of the art of nature.

The park is a delight not only for geologists.

King Solomon's Copper Mines are over 6 millennia old, where ancient Egyptians first began copper mining. You can see fascinating remnants of primitive cultures at the "Chariots" rock carvings, the Hathor Shrine, and ancient copper furnaces, and watch the multimedia presentation, "Mines of Time".


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