Senior Travel in Israel

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Israel is one of the most visited places in the world by tourists, pilgrims, historians and religious experts alike. What better place is there that offers tranquility, peace and self revelation for senior citizens? Israel is the Holy Land, the country of contradictions, of question and answers in the middle of conflicting realities. The Israel senior travel guide lists several ideas for senior visitors to absorb the flavor of this imposing spiritual land.  

The Pilgrim at Tiberias

Along the road to life, most of us are pilgrims. You can start to glance back at the past right then and there by traveling to Israel. Starting from your hotel at Tel Aviv along through the north coast to Tiberias, over looking the Sea of Galilee is the Christian Pilgrim package tour for you. Witness the ruins of Caesarea long ago erected by Herod the Great as you proceed to the ancient city of Megiddo. Take a smooth boat ride in the Sea of Galilee and stop over at Capernaum where Jesus started his ministry. On your way back to your hotel, you may drive up to the Mountain of Beatitudes and the Golan Heights.

Nazareth and Cana

Senior travelers can visit Nazareth and the church of Cana where Jesus turned water into wine during a wedding rite. Driving from the church of Annunciation, take a cruise through the valley of Jordan on your way to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Gethsemane to the Way of the Cross

Pay homage to ancient Jerusalem and visit the Garden of Gethsemane. Get a chance to pray at the Mount of Olives. See the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem, Israel Museum, and walk the Way of the Cross up to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Right outside old Jerusalem is Mount Zion and the tomb of King David.

Qumran Caves and Masada

An expert guide will help you explore the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scroll was said to be discovered. Tourists can also stop along the shores of the Dead Sea for a swim. It is the lowest point of the earth where you can practically float aimlessly. You can then visit Masada, see its hilltop ruins and listen to tales of heroism. Israel is a beguiling holy land that has a lot to offer senior visitors in terms of religious sites, heritage ruins and remnants of the origins of several religions.


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