Nethanya Travel Guide

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Nethanya is a city which is situated at the seaside, hence has the most beautiful beaches you have ever visited in Israel. As Nethanya is centrally located, its just one hour away from Jerusalem, and half an hour from Tel Aviv also close to northern Israel, makes Nethanya the perfect base for people who visit Israel for site seeing. Today Nethanya is more known as the resort city, as there are a lot of hotels, coffee shops, guesthouses, restaurants, shopping centers, galleries, entertainment spots and fashion boutiques come up in Nethanya. It has different festivals and events held all year round, making this place lively and fun, and with the help of Nethanya travel guide your trip will be even more exciting.

Food and shopping

For food, City Center is highly recommended as they have food bazaar there which is popularly known for its exotic aroma and colorful stalls. Also for shopping they have an authentic market which opens every week located in industrial area; you can buy from clothes, jewelry, shoes to other various things.

Finest features

The fabulous beaches that are 12 km along seacoast in the city are one fine feature in Nethanya. During summer the beaches are full of tourists, hence Nethanya beaches have vacation and sports facilities available for your entire family. Nethanya has its own place in its local history, there are a lot of interesting sites like Um Khaled Khan, Diamond Center Museum has exhibitions put up of diamonds, for all you tourist to see how a diamond mine looks like it has a miniature model made just for you. Also there is another museum called the Pninat Shabtai which also has exhibitions in them. Don’t miss seeing the Sycamore tree you will be surprised to know that this tree is one thousand years old. For people who love nature must visit the southern part of Nethanya city, as there are lots of nature reserves, including the popular Irises Reserve where you can find the rare purple color Irises flowers, which blossoms in February and March.


The hotels in Nethanya are beautifully made and most of them get the sea view, making your stay even better. Hotels have all the facilities available from room service, AC rooms, TV in each room, swimming pool etc.

Nethanya is a place for beach and nature lovers, this place has innumerable number of beaches. This place is highly recommended for a relaxing holiday.


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