Karmiel Travel Guide

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Karmiel by dawn

Karmiel by dawn

A  quality city in the Galilee (Israel)

Karmiel is a young city (38 years old) located in the heart of the breathtaking landscape of the Galilee.

The city was well planned from the beginning and shows distinct signs of the consideration taken to make the city comfortable and friendly to its residents.

The high quality of living in the city stems from environmental, educational and cultural quality, and an emphasis on quality free time, all of which create a friendly atmosphere for children, young people as well as adults.

Walking around the streets of Karmiel we are impressed by the quality of the building, the high standards, the landscaped areas and parks spread around the city and by the cleanliness of the city.

Karmiel's population in 2002 is 50,000 residents.  The master plan calls for a population of 100,000 within the next 20 years.

Established in 1964, Karmiel is located in the Beit Kerem Valley, which divides the Upper and Lower Galilee.  The city is located at the center of the main network of roads in the northern area. Karmiel is 35 kms. from Tiberias, 30  kms from Safed, 22 kms. from Acre and 45 kms. from Haifa.

Today the city encompasses an area of about 24,000 dunams with a population of 48,000 residents.  That is to say, about 15,000 homes.  According to the master plan, in the future Karmiel will have a population of approximately 120,000 residents.

The mountain climate is dry and comfortable with 55% humidity from April to October and 65-70% humidity from November to March.

Karmiel is located 250 meters above sea level in the heart of breathtaking landscape.  The establishment of Karmiel was preceded by the drawing up of a master plan that fixed the city’s development in advance.

The design of the city is unique and modern, with a complete separation between the industrial and residential areas. There are wide sections of parks, gardens and tree lined avenues.

Using varied and up date construction techniques, each neighborhood is an independent unit with its own educational institutions, synagogue and shopping center. The city’s roadway system is excellent, with broad streets and good parking.

Cleanliness and appearance of the city receive special attention ensuring the continuance of its high living standards.

The city has developed gradually, according to its master plan: the Founder’s Neighborhood was established during the years 1964 – 1978; the Southern Neighborhood during the years 1970 – 1978; the Western Neighborhood from 1980 – 1983; the Galilee Neighborhood was developed during the years 1992 – 1995; Sagi Neighborhood from 1990 – 1993; Givat Ram from 1991 – 1998.  Ramat Rabin was established in 1996; Givat Makosh and the Irisim Neighborhood were built during 1984 – 1998.  The city is still in the stages of building and development.

As stated above, there are approximately 15,000 households and 48,000 residents.  It is characteristically a young population working together for future progress and development of the city.  The average age of the residents in Karmiel is 39, a fact that attests to a relatively young population.

Since the beginning of 1990 Karmiel has absorbed about 18,000 immigrants, most of them from the former Soviet Union.  During the same years a similar number of Israeli families also moved into the city in order to improve their quality of life.

Many of the "founding families" still live in Karmiel, a fact that attests to the deeply rooted love of the area.

About 60% of Karmiel’s population are veteran or native Israelis.

About 40% of the population are immigrants from 75 countries.

The educational system in Karmiel is among the finest in the country.  Educational institutions are equipped with the latest educational tools.  Special emphasis is placed on pre-school education.  Some nursery schools and kindergartens run on a full-day schedule (from 7:00 – 17:00), thus allowing mothers to work.

Today there are four high schools, four junior high schools, a vocational training center, nine state run elementary schools, one state run religious school including high school, an independent education elementary school, a school for gifted children and an educational farm, many kindergartens, nursery school and day care centers as well as a network of community youth and sports centers and the international ORT-Braude Technological College which has a student body of 3,500 who receive engineering training in the fields of computers, electronics, industrial administration, biotechnology and other subjects.  A “Hi-Tech” Center that will focus on research and development of biotechnological products is also planned for the college campus.

The Municipality, helped by the Ministry of Education, works continuously to improve the standard of instruction and education, providing the following services:

Individualized education in all elementary schools.
A Pedagogical Center for teachers.
Dental treatment for all pupils from first grade.
Hot, balanced meals for children in full day frameworks.
Rhythmics is taught in the lower grades and kindergartens
Each elementary school has autonomy over its activities.
There are many support groups such as Akim, Nitzan, and Aleh.
From second to fifth grade there is the “Playing School” to teach music.

After School Activities
Youngsters can occupy their spare time in a variety of after school activities.  Through neighborhood youth clubs the Community Center provides classes in arts (ceramic, sketching, photography, dance, sculpture and jewelry making), in sports (swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, athletics, soccer, roller-skating) and more.

The Municipality, Histadrut and Community Center work together for the advancement of Adult Education.  In 1986 an Ulpan was opened to teach Hebrew, Israeli and Jewish History, Culture and Customs to new immigrants aged 17 to 80.  The classes take place in the morning or the evening according to the wishes of the individual and are divided into age levels.

For the musically gifted, the newly completed Conservatory of Music, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, provides group and private classes for all musical instruments, as well as a youth orchestra and youth and adult choirs.

The network of community centers covers much of the cultural and sports activities in the city, as stated above.  In addition, the local Country Club, the Top Club, has a heated swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi and other high quality equipment.

Karmiel is the cultural center not only for its residents, but also for the residents of the region.  The Cultural Center has a seating capacity of 800.   It presents the best theatrical productions of the country as well as concerts, dances, children’s theater, shows and films.  Residents have the option of buying a seasonal subscription to the Cultural Center’s performances.

During the spring and summer months many events are held in the new and spacious amphitheater, which holds 25,000 spectators.  Each summer the world famous International Folk Dance Festival takes center stage with three days and three nights of festivities. Approximately 200,000 people from Israel and abroad take part in this exciting event.

During the months of July and August the Municipality also sponsors programs and public folk dancing in the various neighborhoods.

The Public Library houses over 80,000 books for children and adults. In addition, it has an excellent reference library.

There are also extensive activities in the many immigrant associations, which serve the various groups in the city.

Many contractors offer a varied range of different sized apartments for sale to the general public.

In the year 2001 approximately 609 new apartments were occupied and in 2002 another 1,059 units are in the planning and building stages.

The Municipality of Karmiel insists on a standard of living that is higher than the average standard in the country.  Karmiel has been awarded many national prizes: first prize for quality of living, the Kaplan Prize for management, the prize for road safety, the Kaplan Prize for immigration absorption.  Since 1993 Karmiel has been awarded 5 stars for beauty in a competition for a beautiful Israel, and in 1998 Karmiel was awarded “ the “Gold Star” for 5 consecutive years of receiving 5 stars for beauty in the competition for “a Beautiful City in a Beautiful Israel”.  In 2001 Karmiel also received the Minister of the Interior prize for fiscal management after 37 consecutive years of having a balanced budget.

 Services found in Karmiel
All of the services and commercial establishments a resident needs in his day to day life can be found in Karmiel: major food chains, offices, restaurants, gas stations, banks, taxi stands and other services.

 Government and Local Offices in Karmiel
All Municipal offices are located in the city.

The Histadrut provides services in the area of employment, not only to Karmiel residents but also to the residents of the Misgav Regional Council and the surrounding villages.
The National Employment Service, Ministry of Absorption, Post Office, National Insurance, Amigur, the Police, Absorption Center for New Immigrants, Ministry of the Interior, the Electric Company, Bezek, the major banks, Internal Revenue Service, and the Israel Land Authority all have representatives or offices in Karmiel
Medical services are provided by the four Health Clinics (Clalit, Macabbi, Leumi, and Meuhedet).  The “Medi-Car” clinic operates 24 hours a day, and an intensive care ambulance is on call.  There is a professional clinic with x-ray machines, ambulatory services, specialized doctors, etc.
There are municipal Dental Clinics for children and psychological counseling for children, eye clinics and private clinics.
The Religious Council is responsible for the religious activities in Karmiel.
The women’s organizations: Wizo, Naamat, Hadassah and the Local Women’s Council are all represented in Karmiel.

The Industrial Section of Karmiel encompasses an area of 2,000 dunams at the eastern end of the city.  There are about 80 factories and workshops employing about 8,000 people.

Karmiel was selected to be the center for the Hi-Tech industry.  Represented are wide, varied fields of industries including electronic, aeronautic, metal, textile, plastic, building, lumber, carpentry, food, tooling and others.

Those residents who have not been able to find work in Karmiel work outside of the city, in Tefen, Misgav, Safed and the Haifa area. The Industrial Area of Karmiel is well-planned and well-kept, with green areas and rest areas for the welfare of the workers.

A new industrial area in the name of Bar-Lev (Cyclone), through the joint administration of the Municipality of Karmiel, the Misgav and Mate Asher Regional Councils has recently opened.

The manufacturers in Karmiel export goods worth about $300 million per year.

Despite the massive growth of the population of Karmiel and the large wave of immigration absorbed there were few employment problems in Karmiel. 

The development of commerce in the city in the past two years has provided new and varied avenues of employment in addition to industry.  The new network of roads connecting Karmiel to the Industrial Areas of Acco, Haifa, Tefen and Misgav makes working outside of Karmiel easier than ever.

Karmiel’s “Level A” standing in the field of industry enables entrepreneurs to receive various investment benefits.  There are various grant tracks which the investor can choose: 24% participation in establishing and equipping factories which have the proper authorization from the National Investment Center, or a 100% exemption from income tax payment for 10 years.

There are 220 dunams of land ready and developed waiting for new factories, the process for allocating land is simple, and the municipality closely accompanies any entrepreneur interested in investing in Karmiel.

Since Karmiel is located between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea, the city occupies a strategic spot on the main Akko-Safed Road.

The Local Council of Misgav and the Arab villages surrounding Karmiel have many rural tourism activities.


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