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"Cielo" north Italian food

"Cielo" north Italian food

Jerusalem is the three times holy capital of the twice promised land. In the old city you will see priests, nuns, mollahs and rabbis all over the place. Churches of every possible denomination dot the town, the gold domed mosque of the Haram-al-Sharif is seen from afar, the wailing wall is always busy.

But the old city of Jerusalem is not just a holy place. It is also a very busy market place with more tourist shops than anywhere else, the arab part of town has bustling markets (especially near Damascus Gate) where anything is for sale.

Jerusalem requires at least a day or four to be explored. Check the jerusalem,sights:sights section for the full story.

More About Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the modern capital of the State of Israel and the country`s largest city. It is a city where the first century rubs shoulders with the twenty-first century, each jostling for legitimacy and space, and where picturesque "old" neighborhoods nestle against glistening office towers and high-rise apartments. But Jerusalem is much more than the sum of its landmarks, old and new. It is a city of people, as diverse as the four corner of the globe from whence they came. To Jews, Jerusalem has always been "The Holy City", and it has been revered by Christians and Muslims for centuries. No wonder Jerusalem has such a tremendous impact, both locally and internationally.

Holy Places in Jerusalem:

The Kotel (Western or Wailing Wall), Temple Mount , The Mount of Olives, Dome of the Rock (Templum Domini), Temple Mount, Temple of Solomon (al-Aqsa Mosque), Tomb of the Virgin, The Mount of Olives, Church of the Ascension, Mount Zion, Church of St. Anne, The Via Dolorosa, The Holy Sepulcher.

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