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view from Ba'hai Gdns

view from Ba'hai Gdns


Haifa is the third biggest city of Israel and the economic powerhouse of the country. As the people in Haifa say: Jerusalem is for praying, Tel Aviv for partying, Haifa for working and praying.

The first impression of the city is not always a positive one; this city IS about working. It's not designed for tourists. But if you look a bit closer you will find a fascinating place a multicultural melting pot, where Arab and East European influence blend together. Traditional, contemporary, sophisticated, relaxed, Haifa combines it all. And with many theaters, museums, cinemas, hotels and air-conditioned shopping malls there is plenty to do. And there are some pretty good beaches close to the city.

One of the main attractions is the Carmel mountain, which offers a rich variety of breathtaking panoramas. On the mountain you find the Baha'i Holy Shrines, the Gan Ha'em park & a zoo. The Baha'i Shrines are continuously visited by Baha'i pilgrims. They include the Shrine of the Bab, seat of the Universal House of Justice, and the Terraces, among many other buildings visited by Baha'is during their 9 day pilgrimage. Another attraction is Kababair, a village integrated in the city of Haifa, populated by Moslem inhabitants belonging to the Ahmedi sect. Opposed to all forms of coercion aggression or violence, they believe that Islam should be spread by information and by persuasion. Haifa also has the great caves of Elijah the Old Testament prophet, visiting these caves and having meditation creates peace and harmony in one's heart. Mount Carmel, or the Vineyard of God is like heaven on Earth with food for the Soul,Mind and the Spirit. Visiting this City and Akko can enrich the soul in many ways.

A daytrip can be made to the medieval walled fortress city of Acre Directly north you find the heights of Rosh Hanikra, the majestic white cliff, checkpoint on the Israel - Lebanon border. Further east towers the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon.

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