Getting Around in Israel

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One of the best ways to get around Israel is by train and buses. Sure, a car will get you from point A to point B directly, but the trains are so much fun and do not stop for traffic. Israel has pushed forward in modernizing its train system.

For train schedules, fees, and lines, go to:

From the Ben Gurion International Airport to the Northern most city of Naharia, many places are accesible by new double decker trains. It would only cost a few dollars to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem or Haifa. It also a great place to strike up a conversation with Israelis.

The trains are extremely safe and has a clean track record.

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Buses in Israel

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Buses in Israel are a great way to get around. There are several companies that operate in Israel including Eged, Dan, Kavim, and a few other smaller companies. In the urban areas buses are very convenient and safe. Don't listen to Israelis who complain about the system. They have no idea how bad it is in other countries.

Eged, the red buses, runs both intercity buses and intracities lines in Jerusalem, Haifa, and other smaller cities. The Tel Aviv region is mostly operated by the blue Dan buses and Kavim, a smaller firm.

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Taxis in Israel

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There are two types of taxis in Israel .

The first is the normal taxi (car - sometimes called 'special' or 'speezial') which are now regulated, and are white with the registration number printed on the side of the vehicle in orange. All normal taxis have a meter and by law, must turn the meter on without being asked.  (Tafeel Mone Bevakasha!). Taxis can be flagged down anywhere or ordered by telephone. If you are going a long distance, then it may be worth haggling. You don't have to tip in Israel but a few shekels are always appreciated. Taxis more..

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