Family Travel Ideas in Israel

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Israel Family Travel can be much more than visiting biblical sites and ancient synagogues. Here is a list of places for your itinerary that will delight the entire family.

Dolphin Reef

This unique spot in Israel on the shores of the Red Sea is a conserved area where you and the kids can go diving and snorkeling and find yourselves face-to-face with bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat.

The dolphins here are free to choose between their own kind and human beings, but they usually take some time off for you. Discover the age-old bond between dolphins and human beings.

The Western Wall Tunnels
Jerusalem – Old City

The tunnels at the foot of the Temple Mount were built by the biblical King Herod. Walking the tunnels is like traveling back into time to the glorious days of Jerusalem in the first century C.E.

Many are the stories connected with the peak of Temple Mount. It is believed that the creation of the world began with the foundation stone at the peak of the mountain. The peak saw the creation of Adam and Abraham brought his son here for the sacrifice.

Tower of David Museum
Jerusalem-Old City

The entire history of the city unfolds in hi-tech displays and spectacular sound and light shows in this museum housed in the ancient citadel. A must on your Israel Family Travel itinerary.

Dead Sea

It’s just half an hour to Masada from Jerusalem. You’ll drive through the Judean Desert and go up by cable car to King Herod’s fortress and palace in Masada. The views are fabulous from the cable car and will especially thrill kids.

After seeing the wonders of the fortress, you can float in the waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth. A Dead Sea mud bath is wonderful for skin and health.


One of the most beautiful and fascinating sites on earth, the 2000-year-old rock city of Petra with buildings carved into the mountain slopes is a day trip of about 2 hours from Jerusalem.

The city lies in a chasm over a mile in length known as the Shiq. Moses is said to have performed a miracle here, drawing water from a stone to quench the thirst of Israelites traveling through the desert.

The ruins shot to international fame when they featured in the Indiana Jones Movie, ‘The Last Crusader.’ Petra has been voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Not to be missed on your Israel Family Travel.

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