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Ein Hod is a beautiful Artist town in the Carmel mountains just outside Haifa. For all you art lovers this place is a must. The best part of this hillside town is that the artists living and working there are very inviting. Every time my wife and I have gone there we were welcomed into artists' homes. It is also a great way to see a quaint northern Israeli town nestled in the hills. Many of the artists have their works displayed all over the village , in the central gallery and studios, so a walk around is always enjoyable. We have gotten to know  village so well that every time we walk we are escorted by the  many friendly canines. They also join us in  the outdoor cafe for a pleasant talk, while we drink a good home brewed coffe  and took in the peaceful surroundings.

There is also the Janco Dada museum, and Nisco mechanical music museum, an amphytheater, an middle eastren restuarant over looking the theater, a restaurnat in the center of the village a beer and art bar, a music veranda and more.

Ein Hod official Web site - www.ein-hod.org

About a mile or so up the hill is the small Arab town of Ein Hud. Up until a few years ago, this town wasn't on any map or even had electricity. Now there is a lovely Middle Eastern restaurant there run by one of the friendliest families I have ever met. The food is authentic simply because the family makes it for their own meals every day.

So next time you are in Israel, rent a car (no public transprtation) and visit Ein Hod and Ein Hud.

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