Cruises in Israel

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Israel is a country on the Eastern Mediterranean shore. For its border-sharing regions, it has Lebanon to the north, Jordan to the East and Egypt in the south. The capital city is Jerusalem and has an estimated population of 5,383,000, which is a congregation of Jews, Arabs and Palestinians. It is the home of 3 ancient religions of the world, namely Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The Israel cruises guide lists several cruise ideas and excursions that can be enjoyed in this ancient holy land.

The Crystal Cruises

There are various cruises available bound to Egypt, Israel and Jordan. For instance, there is the Crystal Cruises that sails from Athens to the ancient civilizations and historical sites Jerusalem, Petra, Luxor and Cairo. These excursions commence at Ashdod, one of the busiest ports in Israel to a tour of the memorable and religious sites of Jerusalem. The experience will continue with a 3-night journey to Petra in Jordan. Along with this remarkable itinerary is a visit to the Pharoah’s tomb in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The ship will rejoin its tour guests at Alexandria.

Lasko Kosher Cruises

Another cruise one may consider is the First Glatt Kosher Cruise to Israel and Egypt. It known to be the cruise to the Ancient Empires, which runs for 13 days from Rome in Italy to Athens and then to Turkey, Alexandria in Egypt and Ashdod and Haifa in Israel. This is  a part of Lasko Kosher Cruise’s fleet of celebrity cruises. It offers its passengers an informative tour to ancient ruins and monuments, allowing them to savor the touch of eastern architecture and arts.

Lasko Kosher offers premium accommodations to its guests and features a 24-hour kitchen. It also offers a dedicated shul for all its Jewish guests.

Ashdod Cruise 

Salamis Cruises sails from Cyprus to Ashdod and offers a program similar to most tours and cruises across Israel, Jordan and Egypt. The port of Ashdod is old and its roads lead to the ancient city of Jerusalem and to all its biblical and historical sites. The Dead Sea is also accessible from Ashdod as is the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem.

Other historical sites that are included on the cruise are the tomb of David, the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock, Mount Zion and Israel Museum.

Various Israel cruises offer similar programs on board and religious excursions in every port of call. Their rates may vary enormously but the experience remains spiritual and fulfilling.






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