Sights in Iran

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Iran sights include mosques, ancient villages and coastal areas. Iran has a diverse history and the country has faced many conflicts. There is an abundance of historical sites that are worth visiting as they illustrate how civilization has developed over time. Iran is a religious country and this is reflected by the many religious sites and Mosques.


Abyaneh is situated 20 km from Natanz by the Karkas Mountains. This village dates back to ancient times and shows how people have adapted to their environment in order to survive. The village stretches along the river. Abyaneh is of architectural interest and the Mosques in this village are note worthy attractions. Yarzaleh Mosque is located in Abyaneh. Yarzaleh Mosque was built in the 14th century. Impressive wooden pillars have been carved with teaching from the Koran. Zeyaratgah is a shrine located in the area. Around the shrine are beautiful flowers and there are breath taking views over the valley.

Castle of Alamoot

The Castle of Alamoot is a magnificent castle which was built in the 5th century. The castle was damaged by wars fought in the area. The castle is located 588 km from Tehran. This area was once difficult to access but it can now be reached by road. The drive to the Castle of Alamoot is scenic and mountains loom to the side of the road. There are other attractions near the castle such as lakes, waterfalls and caves.

Shaykh Safi Tomb

The tombs are located under 2 large domes. Sheihk Safi and Shah Essmaiel Safavid are buried in the tombs. Boxes made of out wood that have been carved into intricate designs. There is a library but some of the important books in this library were stolen during wars.

Chabahar Coast

Chabahar Beach is located in southeastern Iran. The coast is rocky and offers beautiful scenery. Some of the areas along this coastline are perfect for water sports, including skiing and canoeing. There are good diving spots in the area. The water also offers refreshing swimming to have a break from the heat. This is a good place to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Caves offer other areas to explore.

Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is a massive lake and it is situated 4 hours from Tehran. It is accessible by road. Around the lake are the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran. The area around the lake has lush forests and orchards. There is a variety of wildlife in the forests including bears and leopards.

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The people and land of Iran


Present day Iran is a part of a much larger geographical unit called the Iranian plateau. This natural unit, although climatically and biologically diverse, has a number of common characteristics that have led to, and perpetuated, a kind of “cultural unity”.


Iran today is the inheritor of a reality that is known as the “Iranian world”. Human civilization has immensely benefited from the ingenuity and creativity of the people that lived in this land. By communicating with the local geography and nature, they managed more..

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