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khuzestan parsorigin- izeh

khuzestan parsorigin- izeh

Shush is the modern name of Susa the capital of the kingdom of Elam. Located in southwestern Iran today it is mainly interesting for people with a knack for arhceology.

Serious excavations started in the 1850'ies, Susa has been under almost continuous excavation by French archaeologists since 1897. Although occupation levels date back to Neolithic times (4000 BC), the principal objects of interest at the site are four large mounds representing the citadel, the palace of Darius I (521–486 BC), and two sections of the ancient city.

Significant archaeological finds at Susa have included early painted pottery and seals, proto-Elamite writing, an extensive Parthian cemetery, the Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, and the famous law code (law-codex) of Hammurabi (1780 BC).

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