Shopping in Iran

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One of the main things to look for when you decide to do a bit of Iran shopping is the carpets.

Finding that Perfect Carpet

You will find carpets almost anywhere. You can find long runner carpets, delicate silk carpets, small mats and room sized carpets. If you are interested in carpets it can pay to do a bit of research before you leave. You want to think about setting a budget and to be prepared to bargain with the shop keeper. A shop for Persian carpets in Yazd is Fazeli Carpet on Jame Mosque St.

Food Items Not to Be Missed

If you are in the city of Bam, you should buy some dates as the city is famous for them. These dates are the best you will find anywhere, with intense flavors that are reminiscent of liqueur. You will never forgot tasting these dates.

Iran also produces 90 percent of the world's saffron supply. This spice one of the most expensive in the world. It comes from a flower and is handpicked. Any saffron you find in Iran will be genuine and you can find it for sale almost anywhere. Make sure the saffron you purchase is the whole flower and not the powder form.

If you are looking for a traditional food, you should try some Lavashak which can be purchased almost anywhere. This is a type of fruit snack that comes in many flavors and is reminiscent of fruit leathers.  You can easily find these at street-side stalls.

Authentic Iranian Items

Mosaic is used extensively on Iranian objects such as trays, inlay, photo frames, boxes and more. Make sure to check out the quality of the work as this will vary. You can find mosaic objects for all budgets. The very best will contain stained woods, gilded spots and cream bone. Make sure you pack this securely to prevent any damage when flying.

To find stores that specialize in items that are specifically Iranian is to ask at your hotel reception desk. It is these shops found around the corner that will provide you with authentic goods that are also affordable at good prices.

Shopping Centers for Modern Items

Each city will have its own shopping center. One of the more expensive cities is Tehran. If you are traveling throughout the country, you can save a lot by waiting until you reach a city such as Shiraz or Esfahan to buy souvenirs and gifts.  In these modern shopping centers you will find clothes and other items.


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Milad Noor shopping center

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This is a big shopping center , you can find anything , shops and restaurants and coffe shops . Prices are moderate

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address:Shahrake Gharb- Milade Noor Pasaj


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This a new , modern shopping center in north of Tehran. You can also find restaurant and cofee shops.

type:Shopping centers and malls
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address:Tajrish Square,Jafari ave.

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