Senior Travel in Iran

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Following is an Iran senior travel guide that will help older travelers make their stay in Iran more comfortable and enjoyable.

Traveling Within the Country

Transport in Iran is affordable and easy to get, regardless of the time or place. Older travelers that are looking for good long distance transport in the country should opt for Iran’s affordable domestic air services. Iran Air, Kish Air and Mahan Air are some of the most popular airlines for flying within the country. Airline services in Iran are reliable, frequent and much safer compared to roads. For travelers who prefer to stay on the ground while traveling, the passenger rail is a good option. Tourists can also find overnight trains that have sleeper berths. Trains are a cheap, safe and reliable mode of transport in the country. Buses are another good option for travel. The country has an extensive domestic bus network which is comfortable and cheap.


Accommodation in Iran is available for all types of travelers. From small cheap mosaferkhuneh to luxurious five star hotels, older tourists can find accommodation that suits them. Those who plan to stay in the country for a long period of time can rent out villas in major cities like Tehran at affordable rates. There are also many guest houses that provide ideal accommodation for non-Iranians at good rates.

Sights to Visit

Iran has many attractions for older tourists. One of the most interesting places is the National Museum of Iran, which is located in Tehran. It displays the country’s rich heritage through the vast collections of seals, ceramics and sculptures that are from the 4th and 5th centuries. The National Jewels Treasury is another ideal place for older tourists to visit. Some of the items that visitors can see here include the largest pink diamond in the world, a gem encrusted globe from 1869 and a 200 year old throne that is studded with precious stones from all over the world. There are other ancient historical buildings like the Chek Chek shrine that tourists can visit.

Dining Out

Tourists will have absolutely no problem with the food in Iran as this country’s local cuisine is excellent. Iranian cuisine draws its influence from Europe, Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East. While the food is great, most Iranians prefer to eat at home. For this reason, it is a little hard to find decent restaurants. There are, however, many fast food outlets that serve sandwiches, pizzas and burgers. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Iran and only religious minorities can consume and manufacture alcohol.

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