Rasht Travel Guide

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Rasht is a breath-taking town located in the northern quarter of Iran a few kilometers from the beautiful shores of the Caspian Sea. The region is celebrated for its pleasant climate, lush parks and a rich cultural legacy. Here is a helpful travel guide that offers visitors information on the features, attractions and accommodation options in Rasht.


Rasht is strikingly different from most other towns in Iran because it has a relatively cold and wet climate where southern parts of Iran have dry and arid regions. There are several historical quarters, ports and national parks that make-up the tourist profile of Rasht along with its beautiful bays and stunning mountains. The clear luminous skies and pure air of the region attract visitors who want to sample the natural glory of the region.


Masouleh is a charming historical region featuring quaint homes, narrow streets and steep slopes. Some of the roads' sharp hairpin turns follow slopes that are so steep the roads are located right over the roofs of the homes below. 

Bandar-e-Anzil is Iran’s main port and sees a huge number of ships from other regions being docked here. Take a thrilling motorboat ride through the beautiful and intimidating lagoon or walk through fish markets that proudly flaunt the fresh catches of the day. The fish here is really inexpensive and makes a delicious meal.

The Golestan National Park is a virtually untouched natural reserve that is located in the south-eastern region near the panoramic Caspian shore. This sanctuary is one of the richest storehouses of diverse ecology in the country and boasts of several species of flora and fauna. The fertile natural habitat also features over 160 species of indigenous birds and a well-preserved topography.


Hotel Ordibehesht, a conveniently located hotel near Shohada Square, features clean rooms and decent amenities but is an option that caters to the rugged and economy-minded tourists who prefer basic and hotels. The rooms are priced at approximately IR 120 per night.   There are several inexpensive options huddled around Shahrdari Square. Ideal for backpackers and tourists on shoe-string budget, most of these are worn properties that are plagued with noise pollution from the adjoining streets. Check rooms carefully before booking. One of the most popular choices with tourists is the Caravan Guest House, which is always packed owing to its heavily discounted prices and ambiance. A double room costs IR 50. There is also an option of selecting rooms with attached baths.



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