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Qom, the Religious Capital of Iran


Qom province is located in the central part of Iran. Due to uneven land and different altitude from 600 meters to 3330 meters above the sea level, has three different weather conditions of mountainous, semi-dry and dry .The important attractions of this province include: Salt Lake, Hoz-e-Soltan Lake, South Desert, Salt Hills, Mountains and Beautiful Gardens of the west and south west. The people of this province are Fars and speak in Persian. People in the past were mostly involved in husbandry and handicraft activities, since the land of this province is barren with tough, hot summers. Carpet weaving, Carpentry and inlay works are among the common handicraft activities. Nowadays Iranians associate Qom with a religious city and economy is based on religious tourism. Arceologists believe that civilization of this region dates back to the new Stone Age and many articles found in Ghomrood area confirms it. The plains and the hills to the south west have been among the most important places where Arian tribes used to live. In this province castles, residential areas and graveyards belonging to the Arian tribes have been found. Qom was also an important part of Iran specially during the Sasanid dynasty as many temples, tower, castles, bridges and caravansaries of this era have been discovered.

After Iranian adopted Islam, Qom flourised into an important city as one of the great grandchildren of prophet Mohammad living in 8th century A.D is buried there ,therefore little by little Qom was changed into the spiritual capital of Iran.


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