Meshkin-Shahr Travel Guide

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khiav chay

khiav chay

احسان عبداله زاده

One of the most ancient city in Iran, is Meshkin Shahr. It is located in the north-west of Iran in Azerbaijan and its distance to Tehran is 839 kilometers. It is the nearest city to the Sabalan high mountain. The weather of this city and the district of Meshkin Shahr is moderate mountainous. It was calling: "Khiav","Orami","Varavi" in the past.

The most important places for touring in the district of Meshkin Shahr are as following:

- Hot water springs of Moiel , Eelando and Qaynarja located in the suburb of the city.
- Water spring of Qotur Suie located 42 kilometers to Meshkin shahr.
- Old Castle of Meshkin Shahr.
- Qahqaheh castle located 80 kilometers to Meshkin Shahr.
- Deev castle located in kavij.
- Petrograph of Shapour Sasani in Meshkin Shahr.
- Tomb of Sheykh Haydar in Meshkin Shahr.
- Imamzadeh Seyyed Soleyman.
- khiavonline in north of meshkin shahr.


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