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Language:  kurdish
Accent: southern kermanj(sourani). Awramanat: hawrami(gurani)
Penmanship: kurdish with arabic calligraphy
Religion: Islam (sonni 92.99%. the rest…) Historical background:
Mariwan suburbs ancient surroundings such as ‘sawji’ , kolan, mereg and bisaran  and two western and eastern hills, indicate neolithic mankind habitation in this region, and its continuance during copper age from fourth thousandth B.C. .
Therefrom mariwan has been on the way of ‘tisfoon’ to ‘ azargashsb’ fire temple, (solomon throne in the north of tekab) it has been into consideration of Arscacides and sassanides for ages. in pahlavi treatise has been stipulated which ‘bahram goor’ made a city next to ‘bahram avand’ or ‘zere war’ lake, and in assyria’s resourceses been mentioned  that ‘sargen’ the king of assyria, builds a city under the name of ‘ door ashoor’ or ‘ karsharokin’ in the south of mariwan in 1500B.C. ( kurd, history and descent connection, vol3rd,tehran, rashid yasemi, ebn sina pub,pages 49,54)

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