History in Isfahan

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Esfahan's history began about 2500 years ago.

During Omar's caliphate, Isfahan was occupied by the Muslems, and ruled by rulers appointed by the caliphs for about 300 years. It was a capital city during the reign of the Buyids and Seljuqs.

Following the Seljuqs'era till the reign of the Safavids, Isfahan was subjected to plunder, mass murder, and destruction on two occasions. Also, great losses were inflicted upon it during the Mongols period and following Teymur's assault on this city. In 1621 the Safavids' capital was transferred from Qazvin to Isfahan.

It is said that during the reign of King Abbas Safavi, Isfahan's population reached to one million, and it was considered as one of the most developed Iranian cities, possessing a great number of broad streets, great squares, mosques and imperial palaces.

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