Hormuz Island Travel Guide

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Small island in the Persian Gulf(strait of Hormuz,might ring a bell..)far off the beaten track and not far offshore from the major portcity of Bandar-e-Abbas.There does not seem to be a regular ferryservice going there but you can easily catch one of the smugglers boats ferrying people over,the island is basically a smugglers denn,transporting cheap cigarettes to the Emirates accross the straits seems to be the only source of income. Just check with boats in which people are already waiting for the boat to fill up ,moored off the jetties in the port. The short and bumpy speedboat ride is quite uneventful. The island has one attraction: a large,totally abandoned european castle. This was the regional hub of the portuguese traders in the region in the 16th c. Later the castle was occupied by the Dutch and the English. Now largely in ruins but still an imposing site on the promomtory just past Hormuz town. For the rest there's nothing to see on the island although the omnipresent lethargy and seriously oppressing heat give an end-of-the-world feeling. Anyway,if you make it to Bandar anyway (nothing to see) why not take this short side trip. Prepare for some sweating!


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