Budget Travel Ideas in Iran

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Following is an Iran budget travel guide that highlights the different ways in which tourists can save their money while visiting this country.

Getting Around

Compared to American or European standards, Iranian transport is very affordable, mainly because of the abundance of fuel. Budget tourists will find that flying within the country is very cheap and costs only about $40. This is especially useful for tourists on a schedule. However, for a more budget friendly way of traveling, tourists can opt for the domestic bus network in Iran. It costs barely $4 to $5 to travel from Esfahan to Shiraz by an air conditioned first class bus. Tourists who are on a budget can also travel by Savari, or local shared taxis, for a more comfortable journey without worrying about high fares.


There are many cheap hotels in the different cities in Iran that offer tourists comfortable accommodations. Nader Hotel and New Naderi Hotel are 2 of the cheapest hotels in Tehran. Room rates start at $30, depending on the type of room you choose. There are many 3-star hotels in this city that offer good accommodation for about $60 or more. Amir Kabir in Kashan, Ava Hotel in Isfahan, Arg Hotel in Siraz, Amin Hotel in Kerman are among the many other budget friendly hotels in Iran. Tourists on a tight budget can also opt to stay in cheap mehmanpazir and mosaferkhuneh that can be found in most cities.

Dining Out

Most Iranians prefer to dine at home and for this reason, there are very few decent restaurants in most cities. However, budget travelers can be sure that local food is the best way to save money and also sample an authentic Iranian cuisine. Chelo morgh and chelo kebabs are the most common kinds of foods, although they have a number of variations. Tourists can also find a number of fast food restaurants that serve pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and falafels for about $2 to $3. Iran also boasts of numerous tea houses that serve light meals and traditional snacks that start at about $1.


There are a number of attractions in Iran that budget tourists will enjoy seeing. Imam Square in Esfahan is one of the best places to visit. This is a World Heritage Site with gardens, mosques, fountains and artistically constructed buildings. Tourists should also visit Tehran Bazaar where a lot of interesting things can be found. The Golestan Palace and Holy Shrine of Emam Khomeini are some of the other places tourists should visit in Tehran. Besides these, budget tourists can also enjoy theme parks and museums in Iran as entry fees for these places are relatively low.

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